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Mantra of the liberation from the depth of samsara.

OM is for Tonpa Shenrab who represents method and compassion. MA is for Sherab Chamma who represents wisdom and vast space. TRI is for Mucho Demdrug who transforms anger and hatred by means of love and friendliness thus purifying the hell realm. MU is for Sang wa Ngang Ring who transforms greed and desire by means of total generosity, thus purifying the realms of the pretas (hungry ghosts). YE is for Tisang Rangzhi who transforms ignorance and confusion by means of total knowledge and wisdom thus purifying the animal realm. SA is for Sangwa Duspa who transforms envy and jealousy by means of total expansion thus purifying the human realm. LE is for Chegyal Parti who transforms pride and arrogance by means of total peacefulness, thus purifying the realms of the Asuras of Titans (demigods). DU is for Yeshen Tsugphud who transforms indolence and self-absorption into diligence and vigor, thus purifying the God realm.


Seen in this light and understanding these meanings, reciting this mantra is a way of helping all the beings of the six realms of existence. Reciting this mantra invokes the guide Buddhas of the six realms and their sources, Tonpa Shenrab and Sherab Chamma. Through their enlightened power, our negative emotions are dissolved and all the positive, pure, and virtuous qualities of love, generosity, wisdom, openness, peacefulness and compassion are invoked in us. Reciting this mantra helps us to connect with and reinforce those qualities within ourselves. It is not necessary to know all the legends of the various realms to gain benefit from this great mantra, but it is important to make a connection within ourselves to the virtuous qualities held by these seed syllables and come to embody those qualities.


from Mantras of Bön, released December 19, 2014



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Anna Patrini Barcelona, Spain

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