Nampar Gyalwa ( 100​-​syllable mantra )

from by Anna Patrini

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Legend about Nampar Gyalwa Mantra :

The Chinese Emperor, Kontse Trulgyal was building a magnificent sacred shrine for Tonpa Shenrab’s teachings on an island in the sea. The evil maras, enemies of enlightenment, brought evil beings to destroy the shrine. The Emperor was distraught and cried to the heavens. He cried for help from an Enlightened One to save the shrine thus preserving Yungdrung Bon teachings for all sentient beings.

Tonpa Shenrab heard the cries and out of compassion for the Emperor, appeared immediately with a retinue of attendants. The Emperor was very surprised and happy at seeing Tonpa Shenrab manifest himself in the form of Nampar Gyalwa. Nampar Gyalwa sat in the meditative posture known as Victory and emanated a brilliant white light. Unable to bear the purity of the light and the formidable expression of Nampar Gyalwa, the evil ones (scorpions, snakes, crocodiles, nagas and low beings) quickly disappeared.

As Nampar Gyalwa radiates light, his right hand is above his head, palm up, symbolizing his dominion over the sky. His left hand is in the Sambogakaya form performing the suppressing mudra symbolizing his power over the earth. Nampar Gyalwa can always be called upon to assist in vanquishing evil and bringing peace.


from Mantras of Bön, released December 19, 2014



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Anna Patrini Barcelona, Spain

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